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Love deficit, DAY 1


An encounter with orphans and street children in Tororo, Uganda

To be loved. Have you ever thought about how much that’s worth?

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Making Lemonade


A day of travel, African-style In America we say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The French, a little more colorfully, might say instead, “Quand on se trouve dans la merde jusqu’au cou, il ne reste plus qu’à chanter!” (Извините, товарищи, за грубое выражение! Это не я придумал, хотя и признаюсь, что я на […]

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Stoney Tangawizi & a DC-3!

Stoney Tangawizi–quite possibly the most enjoyable soda pop ever…for those who like their soda chock full of ginger goodness! It’s apparently made by Coca-Cola, so please, if you’re back in the states, start petitioning for it to be sold there! Here are just a few photos from the end of my week in Nairobi. Enjoy! […]

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Nairobi and the Rift…

…well, at least a little peek at the Rift Valley, anyway. After just a day in Nairobi, a missionary family invited me to go see Rift Valley Academy (the school where many missionary kids go), which was holding its annual pinewood derby–students of all ages built their own cars and raced them. The competition was […]

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There are no ordinary people

Hi folks! A friend of mine (thanks, Lizzie) had a really interesting quote from C.S. Lewis posted on Facebook, and I couldn’t resist reposting it here. It’s from his book, “The Weight of Glory”: “It is a serious thing, to live in a society of possible gods and goddesses, to remember that the dullest and […]

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